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Tye Fagan – THA Resident and UGA Athlete

Tye Fagan, THA Resident and UGA Athlete

Tye Fagan HeadshotStanding 6'3" tall with a smile as bright as the sun, Tye Fagan is back at the University of Georgia ready to begin the season. Our hometown hero is returning as team captain and 1st option on the team, wearing #14 (his mother's high school number) on his jersey. Inspired by his hometown - Thomaston, Tye has always wanted to play basketball at UGA. Fagan is excelling as an Exercise and Sports Science major and he laser focused on his ultimate goal of staying healthy and going pro. This comes as no surprise since he has been an active athlete since he was 7 years old. The first organized basketball team he played on was the Spurs at the Thomaston-Upson Recreation Department under Coach Maurice Scott. In fourth grade he began playing AAU basketball and continued until he aged out after 11th grade. His strong work ethics and hard work made him a key player in both middle school and high school sports.

Tye Fagan BasketballThis past spring, Fagan along with his teammates were sent home after the NCAA decided to cancel the rest of the season due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Before a final decision was made, there was speculation that the games would continue without fans. Players would have had to adjust to being on the court without the cheers and chants of the crowd but they were willing to try it. Fagan recalls the morning of last game they were slated to play: "We were at breakfast eating and the news broke on twitter. Everybody was in shock. The whole room just got loud all of a sudden." The final decision had been made, so with stormy weather approaching, the team was in a frenzy trying to a flight back home. Finally they were able to book a flight and head back home to their families. Tye said that his mother Kendra Fagan had warned him that the spread of the corona virus was going to be bad. She even gave him a mask to wear. When the season was officially cancelled, he immediately thought of his mom and what she told him about the virus. He stated that coming home felt "weird" at first but he really enjoyed being with his family. While on break he spent his days finishing up school work and working out 2-3 times a day preparing his body for the upcoming season. "I'm in the best shape I've ever been in." Fagan shared.

Tye Fagan and his mother Kendra are originally from the Logtown Community. The two have the support of the entire Upson County community and beyond. A few of the people who were instrumental in Tye's growth as an athlete other than his family are Maurice Scott, LaZaar Walker, Coach Michael Price and Greg Blassingame.

When Tye is in need of wisdom and direction for life in general, he calls on his grandmother Ms. Imogene. During my conversation with Tye, it became very evident that his grandmother is by far the largest influencer in his life. Not only does she give him endless wisdom, she's always ready to prepare him a delicious home cooked meal when he visits.

Fagan's free time is spent reading non-fiction and Greek mythology as well as giving back to his community. His message to the upcoming generation is "Life will have its ups and downs along with obstacles... At the end of it all, believe in yourself... and work like you want to reach your goals!" Tye Fagan wants to be known as a man of his word and that he stands for spreading love, not hate. "He will not just shut up and dribble"

- Tonia Brown, Resident Services Coordinator