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A Message from Your Executive Director

On behalf of the Housing Authority of the City of Thomaston Board of Commissioners, staff and residents, it is my pleasure to address you.

THA’s mission is to ensure safe, decent, sanitary, quality and affordable housing opportunities for the low-income families while promoting family strength and economic independence within and outside the jurisdiction of Thomaston, Georgia. We enthusiastically aim to apply strong efforts to break the poverty cycle by serving as a vehicle for our residents to become economically self-sufficient; create meaningful partnerships to maximize available community resources for our residents; and efficiently and effectively meet federal, state and local mandates.

Our philosophy of “Making a Difference; Strengthening Families” compliments the vision, mission, and goals set by the agency. The THA has faced challenges throughout the year, but did not fail to provide quality and exceptional service to its customers. As we continue to transition under new leadership, we look forward to an exciting, enhanced direction with positive outcomes for the staff and residents of the THA, to include progress and possibilities through staff development training and resident services programs; professional development, 1st Time Home buyers program, local Scholarship Programs, Youth Leadership and the Family Independence Program.

THA would like to thank our city and county officials, community partners, resident council, commissioners and staff for their continued support and contribution to our residents and communities as we continue to aim for excellence.


Patricia Andrews-Allen,
Executive Director, BAS, PHM, COS-P

Patricia Allen