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The THA partners with other community agencies to provide our residents with the information and resources they need to assist them in their efforts to move forward.  Therefore, the THA provides onsite programs and information to include a residents’ technology work station; designed to assist them with their employment services needs.

A monthly resident meeting is held each month in each THA community.  This gives the residents an opportunity to meet with a THA representative to express any concerns, suggestions, and to fellowship with neighbors while enjoying games and refreshments.

THA has an active Resident Advisory Council, who meets on a monthly basis and assists the agency in the development of plans and other important programs, policies and procedures. 
Program and Services Include: 
Monthly Newsletter
Monthly Resident Meeting w/ game time
Resident Advisory Board/Council
Resident Commissioner
HomeWork Academy
Monthly Family Independence /Empowerment Workshops
Girl Scout Troop
Youth Leadership Team (YAC)
Annual Food Drive
Section 3 Program (Resident Employability Program)