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ROSS Program Recognition - Constance Harris

Connie Harris posing by Christmas tree receiving a gift

The Resident Opportunity and Self Sufficiency Program is pleased to recognize Constance Harris. Constance has been serious about moving forward and acting on her personal goals since her enrollment in the ROSS program in September 2018. Ms. Harris was enrolled in Adult Ed. Classes through Southern Crescent until she was forced to make the decision that she needed to focus on employment for the good of the household. She dived headfirst into job search mode securing a temporary position as Standard Textile through Express Personnel.

She was eligible for and utilized the Work Support Transportation program to provide transportation to and from work the first 30 days of employment. When the assignment ended, she went back to Express Personnel and requested another assignment. Although Standard Textile told her they were interested in hiring her, Express Personnel placed her at Turkey Creek for another temporary assignment. Shortly after, Standard Textile called Constance and offered her a permanent position at their plant. She was so excited that things were finally starting to look up for her.

She has been a model employee and recently bought a car to get back and forth to work. When Constance was asked how she felt about her current situation, she said, "It just feels good to have some money in my pocket and to be able to do some things for my family". Constance is not done yet, she still would like to return to Adult Ed to complete her coursework and add that to the list of her accomplishments.