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Housekeeping Policy

General Information
In an effort to improve the livability and conditions of the apartments owned and managed by the Authority, the uniform standards for resident housekeeping have been developed for all tenant families.

    The standards that follow will be applied fairly and uniformly to all Tenants. The Authority will inspect each unit, at least annually, to determine compliance with the standards. Upon completion of an inspection, the Authority will notify the Tenant in writing if he/ she fails to comply with the standards. The Authority will advise the Tenant of the specific correction (s) required to establish compliance and indicate that training is available. Within a reasonable period of time, the Authority will schedule a second inspection. Failure of a second inspection will constitute a violation of the lease term.

    Tenant is required to abide by the standards set forth below. Failure to abide by the Housekeeping Standards that result in the creation or maintenance of a threat to health or safety is a violation of the lease and can result in eviction.



    1. Walls: Should be clean, free of dirt, grease, holes, cobwebs, and fingerprints. Use soapy water to clean. Do not use bleach or harsh cleanser.
    2. Floors: Should be clean, clear, dry, and free of hazards. Do not cement, staple, or nail rugs to the floors.
    3. Ceilings: Should be clean and free of cobwebs.
    4. Windows: Should be clean and not nailed shut. Clean both sides of all windows periodically.
    5. Doors: Should be clean, free pf grease and fingerprints. Doorstops should be present. All door locks should be operable.
    6. Heating/ Air Units: Should be dusted and accessible (no vents should be blocked).
    7. Trash: Shall be disposed of properly and not left in the house. In order to prevent cockroach and vermin infestation, remove all boxes, paper, garbage, and other rubbish daily to proper disposal containers provided by the City of Barnesville. Large items that do not fit in the trash can should be placed beside the curb on Thursday nights and call the office for pick-up of large items only.


      1. Stove: Should be clean and free of food and grease.
      2. Refrigerator: Should be clean. Freezer door should close properly, and freezer should have no more than one inch of ice if it is not frost free. Never use a knife or sharp instrument to chip off ice. A pan of hot water or fan works best in speeding up the defrosting process.
      3. Cabinets: Should be neat and clean. Cabinet surfaces and countertop should be free of grease and spilled food. Cabinets should not be overloaded. Storage underneath the sink should be limited to small or lightweight items to permit access for repairs. Heavy pots and pans should be stored under the sink.
      4. Sink: Should be clean, free of grease and garbage. Dirty dishes should be washed and put away in a timely manner.
      5. Food Storage Areas: Should be neat and clean without spilled food.
      6. Trash/ Garbage: Should be stored in a covered container until removed to the disposal area.


    1. Toilet and Tank: Should be clean and odor free. Remove hard water stains and mildew buildup. Toilet bowl cleaner and Mildew remover when used on a regular basis should help eliminate stains.
    2. Tub and Shower: Should be clean and free of excessive mildew and mold. Where applicable, shower curtains should be in place and of adequate length. If exhaust fan is existent, use it when showering this will help reduce the amount of moisture accumulated and will help reduce the amount of soap scum and mildew buildup.
    3. Lavatory: Should be clean and free of dirt and soap scum, and hard water stains.
    4. Exhaust Fans: Should be clean and free of dust.
    5. Floors: Should be clean and dry.

    Storage Area

    1. Linen Closet: Should be clean and organized.
    2. Other Closets: Should be clean and neat. No flammable materials should be stored in the unit.
    3. Other Storage Areas: Should be clean, neat, and free of hazards.

  1. Yards: Should be free of debris, trash, and abandoned cars. Exterior walls should be free of graffiti.
  2. Porches (front and rear): Should be clean and free of hazards. Only flowers, porch and patio furniture may be on the porches.
  3. Steps (front and rear): Should be clean and free of hazards.
  4. Sidewalks: Should be clean and free of hazards.
  5. Storm/Screen Doors: Should be clean with glass or screens intact.
  6. Parking Area: Should be free of abandoned cars. There should be no car repairs on the premises.