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Resident Advisory Council

The Thomaston Housing Authority Resident Council, Inc. (RCI) is a 501( c )(3) charitable organization established for the following purposes:

1. To promote the general welfare and desirable living conditions of the residents of public housing;

2. To recommend solutions to problems, to organizations, and agencies for implementation that promote the general welfare of the Residents;

3. To ensure that conditions of the development allows Residents to thrive, enjoy their apartment and community to the fullest extent possible.

4. To work in partnership with the Housing Managers, Housing Authority’s staff, support agencies (both public and private) to solve individual, family, community and housing authority problems;

5. To encourage active Resident participation and address the concerns of Residents.

6. To provide the Residents of Thomaston Hosing Authority with information pertaining to their rights, privileges and responsibilities under the existing laws governing Resident relations with the Housing Authority as referenced in HUD Code of Regulations (CFR) 964 rules.

7. To assist and support the THA in its efforts to provide safe, sanitary and decent housing condition while providing the necessary resources to move families toward self-sufficiency.

Members of the RCI must reside in the Thomaston Housing Authority and in good standing. i.e. not pending eviction.

RCI meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 1:00 pm at the main office.  Residents interested in becoming a member of the council may inquire by contacting the THA Resident Services Coordinator.

Resident Advisory Council Members

Katie Holloway – President

Sandra Sullivan – Secretary

Martha Chambles – Treasurer